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A Day Late and a Dollar Short—Update From Country Jam 2024

Updated: Jun 26

Damn Country Jam

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Well, our temporary neighbors to the south seem to be getting along quite loudly now. I felt bad for the acts that got cancelled and for the peeps that bought tickets with no refund. Not! It's the same in the metros that have pro teams, like Broncos and Avs, who are run by—okay class, who are they run by? Who is this world run by? Correctamundo! Corporations. Greedy, power hungry jin.

But no, seriously, I did feel bad for our temporary neighbors to the south. I guess you have to look on the bright side, it was great for our under-appreciated farmers out here in Mack, Loma, and the whole Valley! Or did it cause more of a headache, Jeffrey Woolsey? All I know is, you don't f*** with lightning. I've been struck, let's see, how many... oh, wait. Just kidding. Making sure you're paying attention. BOOM!

Fruita, Colorado (our beloved)

an encyclopedia entry for fruita, colorado
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How old is this Wiki entry for Fruita? Someone needs to update. I would, but I don't have the time or the resources. Hey, y'all could chip in to make me your representative on the media front. Oh wait, that's what our tax-paid representatives are supposed to be doing, right? I should run for you guys though! Bring the vibe of the Narrative Niche and the Fruita, Colorado message board straight to D.C.! How do you like that fakes? I know, I know, it's not their fault; they're puppets for the Ill...Ill...Ill...choo—corporation. It doesn't matter who is sitting in the Oval Office (I'm sure there's a conspiracy about that too—please share in the comments!), nobody can un-f*** what they've, so dubiously and intentionally already corrupted.

Well, I would be our messenger, but I despise politics and politicians, at least where ours is today, so I definitely have no interest in becoming one. However... I know some people that I think would be great reps for us here in West Mesa County (ahem, Russ or Joleen Paiz, ahem Cerina or Shan Gearhart, ahem Lonnie Knob or Nathan Kurtz)! I don't know, but I hate where our "country" is right now.

A Shout Out to Our First Responders

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And thank God this is the last night of Country Jam. We would have gone to see Lee Brice and Thomas Rhett, but, like everything else today, it's just too damn expensive. Not to mention, I'm sure I'd end up in the E.R. or jail for one thing or another. Speaking of, a big shout out to our local first responders, especially Lower Valley FD! We love you guys, ever since you helped us in the fire! Anyways, I hope all the Jammers had fun and behaved themselves this year.

Mysterious Ways Update and Talk of a Sequel

For any of you wondering how the novel is progressing, well, shoot, it is coming along, but again, my ADHD has been running rampant, as I have been working on everything BUT Mysterious Ways. I didn't like how I forced the ending just to make sure I finished the story. This led me to thinking about the big picture and what happens after Mysterious Ways. In order for me to finish my first novel in the way it deserves, I basically have to create a whole new world, because the sequel to Myst Ways takes place on a different planet. And Deyaa is not even in our galaxy, so actually, I have to create a completely different solar system. But I love it. Yes, I'm a nerd, but I'm a usually happy nerd.

All of that said, I do plan to finish the first book... sometime this century. I'll keep you posted. Oh yeah, I also need feedback! If anyone has time (who does anymore?) I'd love some advice. Maybe not the whole thing, but a chapter or two? Just let me know in the Comments below.

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