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New Year, New Area Code, New Writer on Narrative Niche, Writer's Workshop

Updated: Feb 7

a thinking man
David Danger

Narrative Niche Welcomes New Writer to the Team

Narrative Niche is pleased to welcome a new writer to the team. David Danger is an old acquaintance of mine from way back, and he asked if he could post a blurb for the novel he is writing. Of course you can, David, and so can YOU, if you have some writing or artwork you'd like to share. And welcome to the Narrative Niche!

In this post

Narrative Niche Welcomes New Writer to the Team
Here is the blurb for David's book

C/2028 UN147

The year is 2032, and all is right with the world. Crime has plummeted across the globe, all wars have ceased, and the one-world government, cyber currency, and exploration of space, have all flourished, despite a massive loss of life in an onslaught of natural disasters occurring around the world. Apparently, the mass exodus of Californians in the late 2020’s was not enough to appease the San Andreas Fault, in fact, it probably became angrier from all the extra traffic overhead. So angry, that it had a big tantrum, to the tune of 9.0 on the Richter scale, and all the kings horses, and all the king’s men, couldn’t put California together again. The alluring state did not, however, slough off into the Pacific Ocean like many people assumed it would. The earthquake did take over two million human lives though, and a countless number of animals, wild and domestic, were lost in the catastrophe. The United States, as a country, had not been this somber since 9/11, but the mass loss of life, was not isolated to the US, as Canada and Mexico suffered from the Huge One, and places across the world had similar Acts of God completely wipe out whole countries, like Turkey, Japan, and New Zealand, to name a few. The totality of human lives lost in these horrific events, in addition to the human birthrate plummeting 35 percent since 2022, dropped the total world population below six billion, but more importantly, it brought every nation together, in a display of actual world peace. Artificial intelligence was kept reined in, and only improved humans as a species, and I won’t even get into the intelligent life discovered outside of Earth, but everything on the planet was just peachy in September 2032.

Here’s the background on this story’s hero:

A middle-aged author finally catches his big break when he is contacted by a premiere platform for serialized fiction about a job. The company flies him and his wife to California to wine and dine them. Everything is great. The author starts writing like a madman and getting everything published. He gets a taste of the good life, and his wife is loving it too.

But then…the Huge One hits California, disrupting the lives of millions of people, as far east as Kansas and Minnesota. Luckily, the writer was back home in Colorado, going over the blueprints for the new mansion he was going to have built for his wife. Unfortunately, the wife had stayed back in LA for a week-long spa retreat. Not only does the author lose his wife, but he also loses his brand-new contract (the company’s three members and all their investors perished in the earthquake/tsunami), and a boatload of money that he charged on credit before he actually received the funds. Fortunately for him, most of his savings was secure in the blockchain, but it didn’t bring back his wife.

The One-World Government

The one-world government, mentioned earlier, was not run by the Illuminati, nor by the Vatican, and definitely not by the UN, but by some pot-smoking computer nerds—some very wealthy, pot-smoking computer nerds, who, even though they could have anything under the sun, continued to live on Ramen noodles and party pizzas, and met every Wednesday for Dungeons and Dragons. But the world was a better place because of it.

a comet flying into a beachfront city
Enter C/2028 UN147

C/2028 UN147 is a massive comet, nicknamed the Angel of Death, born in the Oort cloud, and headed directly toward Earth; projected impact date—sometime in early March 2033, projected impact area—the North Atlantic, right in the center of North and South America, Africa, and Europe; chance of survival on Earth—zero; chance of survival in space—50/50; chance of surviving long enough to find a ride to space—less than 1 percent. It was every man and woman for themselves, fighting their way to claim a seat on one of seven arks; a seat that would ensure their survival of the extinction-level comet collision. What would you do?

Well, that looks like quite an interesting story David. Can't wait to read it!

New Area Code for Colorado

map of colorado area codes

Colorado has five telephone area codes, as of this writing: 303, 720, and 983 in the Denver metro area, 719 for Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and most of southern Colorado, and 970 for northern and western Colorado. Apparently, the state is growing, see previous story for details, and is coming to the end of the 970's because a new area code, 748, will join 970, my area code in fact, in 2026. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. I kid.

Click here to read about the history of Colorado's original area code (303).

Narrative Niche Nine Class Novel Navigation Course

Writer's Workshop

If you've browsed around my website, you may have seen a "Coming Soon" page, or a "Writer's Workshop" page. Well, it's all one and the same, which is a novel writing course I'm putting together. As I mentioned in the last post, I've got too many pots on the stove and the Narrative Niche Nine Class Novel Navigation Course, or NNNCNNC, isn't even on the back burner, it's in the warming oven. The good news is that I already have about half of the lessons mostly written and I do intend to put that whole project together, just as soon as I'm finished with the pots on the stove. If you are writing a novel, or have a burning desire to do so, please sign up to be notified once the course gos live. SIGN ME UP FOR NNNCNNC!

Here are the nine classes:

  1. Tools For Writing a Novel

  2. Brainstorming and Outline

  3. Theme and Genre

  4. Setting and Worldbuilding

  5. Plot and Structure

  6. POV and Perspective

  7. Character Development

  8. Literary Devices

  9. Putting It All Together

Each class has five lessons with a quiz at the end, and there will be a final exam upon completion of the course to see how much you've learned. I'm excited to finish writing the lessons and putting the workshop together.

My First Youtube Video

Detecting ai in Your Documents

I made a very shaky Youtube video with my phone (the only one I've ever made, and it's pretty obvious). I used my phone because I can't figure out how to record my steps on the computer, so if you know, please reply in the comments. Anyway, you can hardly hear the robot voice, which I used because I'm too self-conscious and camera-shy, so if you do watch the video, you may want to turn on the transcript (Closed Captions).

The 3-1/2 minute video is about detecting AI in your documents, wherein, I explain part of my process in writing the workshop classes. It's kind of funny because the tools I used to create the content for some of the classes, and to create that poorly-produced video, were FREE when I made the video 7 months ago, but things have since changed. And hey, give me a break, this was my first attempt, and my knowledge and tools were rudimentary at best. At least the content is accurate, and if you use ai for creating anything that the public can see, you should watch this video.

Some of My AI Art Creations From 2023

a jaguar running through a shallow stream in the jungle Diffusion Prompt: A majestic jaguar prowling through the lush jungle, hunting its prey with a crystal clear lake in the background

the interior of a large mountain lodge VisionXL Prompt: View from the loft that squares the dining room and the commons area of a magnificent mountain lodge, wide-open, multi-level floorplan, full of comfy couches, recliners, bean bags, and tables; Sitting right in the center of the commons area was a huge, circular fireplace; digital art piece, photorealistic, hyper-detailed, Jackson Hole, Steamboat, Lake Tahoe, vibrant coloring, HDR, 8k, professional cinematic studio lighting, trending on ArtStation

a man with red hair running scared AlbedoBaseXL Prompt: A scared 26-year-old man with greasy, red hair, a pale face, and red stubble, running away from something terrifying; photorealistic, hyper-intricate, HDR, 8k, Greg Rutkowski, trending on ArtStation and Deviantart

a glowing hole in the forest a portal Gen Model Prompt: A digital art, sci-fi movie poster of a dark, mysterious 12' diameter, round hole flat in the ground on a mountainside, tucked out of sight and hidden by the local flora, as it is a portal to other dimensions; hyper-intricate, hyper-detailed, photorealistic, high texture quality, cinematic outdoor lighting, reduced glare, 8k, HDR, trending on ArtStation and DeviantArt, ominous, psychedelic, colorful

Goodbye For Now

As always, thanks for reading my blog, and please tell your friends about Narrative Niche, especially if they're writers, but keep in mind that Narrative Niche also provides quality writing services! See you next round, as my friend Rebecca would say...

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