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About Me

Hi there, I'm Jason Kurtz

First of all, thank you for visiting my website Narrative Niche. When I started this blog, I looked over dozens of blogs that were similar to what I wanted to create, and was shocked at the number of them out there. I think anyone who knows how to write has got a blog these days. It's ridiculous! So why in the hell would I want to compete with all of them? Glutton for punishment? Loves to fail? Actually, NO! It is just the opposite for me and I embrace the challenge! As a writer, an artist, and a creator, I believe that I have something unique to offer the world, and whatever that is—only I can give it! It is something that none of the million other writing bloggers are even keen to (neither am I, yet, shh...). 

The goal of the NarrativeNiche blog is to provide entertaining posts that inspire, inform, and incite other writers or creators, or anyone reading it. I also provide links to valuable FREE writing tools that I have found helpful. It's a fact, everything costs money these days and as a struggling artist myself, I sure appreciate those fellow writers who share their wisdom and knowledge, as well as complimentary use of some cool tools they've created.  I feature some of them on my Free Tools page.

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My wife Dawn and me

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