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Chapter 9- Force Finished 07/28/2022

Updated: Apr 15, 2023


Some days are hard to write. Some days the creative juices are flowing, and other days I can hardly read, let alone think. For the past few days, I’ve been struggling to end Chapter 9. I even started writing Chapter 10 and got stumped there too. Finally finished 9 tonight, and it was nothing close to what I had planned. Hey, if you’re just writing along, and happen to, inadvertently, write a cliffhanger, that means STOP to a writer! LOL!!!

Below is another teaser- part of a scene from a different chapter.

Disclaimer- Everything I share on this blog is subject to, and probably will, change.

Chapter 8 Mysterious Ways

Scene 35

Now, here is the truth about Ben Jackson. Karl had treated him like a slave, and ultimately, chained him up in the basement of the original Crawford house. He was no longer homeless, but this was no home sweet home. Ben spent a fortnight in that basement, living in his own feces and choking down lumpy oatmeal, if Karl remembered to feed him that day. Then, one morning, Karl went down there to bring Ben his ration and the old man was gone. Ben had escaped, or been set free, Karl still didn’t know. The rusty, iron shackles were still fastened but the feeble man had vanished.

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