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Happy Father's Day!

Updated: Jun 16


Well, I surely can’t do a post for Mother’s Day and not do one for Father’s Day, so here goes. It’s 3:15 now, I just got home from work, and we have a barbeque at my parents’ at 5:30! That’s two hours from now, so this will be a short post indeed! But a Father’s Day post nonetheless!

an adult male lion in its natural habitat
Courtesy of Night Cafe

So, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all you DADS out there, and to all my fathers

and grandfathers, and great grandfathers, and uncles and brothers, and the list goes on.

a mom, dad, son, and dog

Me and my two Dads, and two Moms, and Shorty. Wait, same Mom. And I am in the older picture, you just can't see me.

And Happy Father’s Day to me, though I have not been the best dad in town, or even the best dad in my own family for that matter. But praise God, somehow that didn’t matter, as my four sons are OUTSTANDING (inside joke Bill) young men, with their heads on straight, who are courteous and respectful, because that’s how they were raised (reared just sounds funny—it should be raising kids and rearing sheep—no, no, okay, okay! Now I see why…) And speaking of rears, that is one reason my boys are young men outstanding in a field. Wait, what? I’m kidding, funny, funny, ha, ha!

But seriously, we were brought up—spare the rod, spoil the child, and that was carried on to my kids and most of their cousins, and my wife with her son; who is also perfect.

And that’s where my rant starts. I know it’s not Whiner’s Wednesday, but… wait. This isn’t Fruita Message Board, this is my own flippin’ blog. I can rant if I want, since nobody’s gonna read this anyway. Hell, I can curse and yell and scream and demean… But hold up, I’m probably going to post this on FMB. Okay, okay, no cursing.

a man and his four young adult sons with arms around each other

My rant is the lack of respect in our lovely little city. Now, I don’t know how good of a judge of character I am, but my adorable wife would say I'm a pretty darn good one!

But man, I tell ya, some people are just downright rude and disrespectful. And I’m not talking about the punk kids, I’m talking about grown-@%$ men and women. Whew! I’m sorry, but I have to vent. And unfortunately, I work at Grand Central Station in Fruita, so I get to see it ALL! Now, granted, nobody is expected to be in a good mood when they come to the store, especially with prices these days, dear Lord, so I shouldn’t judge people (and I don’t judge anyone, I just sit back and watch them making fools of themselves), but no one should be judged based on one or two brief interactions at the store. And I also get that a lot of people, me included to a degree, have mental health issues. But still, whatever happened to common courtesy?

Happy Father’s Day Fruita, Loma, Mack Dads, from a dad out in Mack! Hey, I'm a Mack daddy!



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