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Happy Monday

Updated: Apr 15, 2023


 Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was, eh. I have Monday’s off from my paying job, and today I get to enjoy things such as- spending an hour in the dentist chair with my mouth drawn open from each corner with, what felt like eagle talons, getting a temporary crown. That was fun. I hope when they put the permanent crown on, it’s not that much fun. 

And now, I’m writing this, with the excited anticipation of mowing the lawn. I usually mow Saturday or Sunday, but with all the rain we’ve been getting, thank you God, had to let it dry out. Enough about my Monday morning. I’ll continue this chat after my honeydo’s are done

Oh first, I also learned this morning that we are now required to take a picture of every delivery that is driver released to a residence. That is about 85% of my deliveries. Not only do they record us driving, now we have to do this? What a joke! They keep adding elements to slow us down. We adjust, and roll with the punches, but it sure seems they’re trying to turn us into robots. It’s annoying, to say the least.

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