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More Poetry From Way Back

Updated: May 2, 2023

Goodbye Old Friend

I met a new friend, when I was a boy,

He was not a person, not a pet, not a toy.

With a sly perverse smile, he said who he was,

When I shook his hand, oh my what a buzz.

My other friends knew him, yeah they knew him well,

I listened with envy to the stories they’d tell.

Tales of parties, and music, and good luck,

But some of them told me, I might get stuck.

I just laughed, “Ha ha,” and did not heed their warning,

They failed to mention he’d be gone in the morning.

When I awoke, and saw he wasn’t there,

My head was pounding, and I thought, “How dare!”

Foolish though fervent, I continued to play,

Not just at night now, sometimes in the day.

Each day that passed, he came by more and more,

He would leave quietly as I slammed to the floor.

Family and friends seemed to be distant now,

My new friend had control, so to him I would bow.

I began to hate him, but I could not let go,

Next day he introduced me to Mary and Blow.

It was quite a riot when we all got together,

With my first friend and Mary, we had the best time ever.

I lost inhibitions and I thought I was wise,

But sadness and vacancy set in my eyes.

A few times I told them, “I can’t play anymore.”

But they continued to rouse me, and appeared at my door.

I told them I had new friends, friends in a room,

They had steps and a book, and I started to bloom.

My old friend just scoffed, as he drew me back in,

How could I give him that control again?

I later learned, if I’d done what they said,

I would not be facing this horrible dread.

Once more I divorced my old friend and his chaps,

Said goodbye forever, to their games and their traps.

My friends in the rooms welcomed me back with a cheer,

I stood up and said, “So glad to be here!”

One step in their book said we can’t do this alone,

Another said surrender, eight and nine said atone.

With a smile on my face, and warmth in my heart,

I’ll follow their instructions and embrace my new start.

By Jason Kurtz

11 August 2014

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