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Narrative Niche Vision

Some of the best things in life start with a DREAM!

The vision of Narrative Niche is to be a site that serves as a hub for writers of all ages, styles, and levels of experience. The blog aims to provide thought-provoking and informative content that educates, entertains, and inspires readers. Narrative Niche is maintained by donations and funds generated through its offering of premium quality writing services. Narrative Niche strives to exceed client expectations and provide impactful, thoroughly researched content that connects with audiences. Narrative Niche backs up its strong commitment to nurturing talent and skill, by offering engaging online writing classes to students, educators, and new writers, helping them unlock their potential and excel in the art of writing. I’m Jason Kurtz, sole proprietor of Narrative Niche, and I envision a future where this blog and website is synonymous with quality writing and creativity, and a place where students, clients, and readers alike share their ideas and are ultimately empowered to achieve their writing goals and master the craft of writing.

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Jason Kurtz

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