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Skol! QAnon, Bills Mafia, Multiverse, Mysterious Ways, Conspiracy Theories…

Updated: Apr 15, 2023


Mack, CO 12/17/2022- Let me start off by saying, I’m Sorry for not keeping this blog up to date. I have no excuse, as I am currently unemployed, and have plenty of blog worthy material to share. I’ve been trying to read as much as I can, currently from one of the masters of the craft as pictured here. I’ve been educating myself on the multiverse theory, very interesting stuff btw, but if I can’t keep up with myself now, how the hell could I handle a million of me? I guess that’s the beauty of it, I wouldn’t have to.

Gee, that didn’t sound egotistic…

I also would like to thank my beautiful wife Dawn, for her support and sacrifice during this brief (we pray) life change. As well as her encouragement and patience in this writing endeavor of mine. Thanks, love you babe!

Oh and btw, your hair looks fabulous! That gal did a great job! You should give her a plug in the comments.

I don’t even know if she reads my blog…

Mysterious Ways Update-

For my book I’m also researching cults and QAnon and the like, and let me say, there’s some f-ed up shit happening in the world today. Now I just read in the paper about a Fed Ex driver in Texas who kidnapped and murdered a little girl in the back of his truck!

I don’t remember what the numbers were last time, but I added a new first chapter and I’m having to do a few, time-consuming edits in order to finish the story. On the tail end, I believe I’m starting Chapter 26 and around 90k words. Still looking for possible editors!

Watched one of the best NFL games I’ve ever seen today- Minnesota down 33 at half and made the biggest comeback in NFL history. Skol Vikings!!!

The Bills game was also fun to watch, and they won in a blizzard! Bills Mafia!

Again, I will try to post more regularly, or at least on a schedule. Eventually I plan to do a forum page to discuss current topics and conspiracy theories, a chain story page, and, way down the line, hopefully a podcast. Thank you for supporting Jkurtzwriter!




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