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Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways is a mystery thriller, full of suspense, romance, a bit of sci-fi, and like any good novel—murder and mayhem. This story has dreams and possibly a nightmare. So pre-order your copy today, if you dare. 

Meet the Characters

There are over 70 characters in Mysterious Ways! Well, a few are just mentions, but there are 20 main characters—10 major and 10 minor, though there could be more of each of those. Gee, can you tell I'm a planner? I could categorize the $#!t out of my novel! In fact I did, and plan to develop my story bible into a writer's app. That said, I'm also a pantser at times. I suppose a good writer has to have a little of both in them. Anyway, I only created character sheets for the 20 main characters. See them here.  

Just four of the many characters in Mysterious Ways.


After finishing the first draft of Mysterious Ways, I followed the advice of other writers and took a break from writing before reading or editing it. Let me tell you, it was not easy and I was never too far away from the story. I know for a fact that I need to develop some of the characters quite a bit more, so I decided to reacquaint myself with them by creating some way cool profile pics with all the new AI toy/tools!  

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