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Fake News, Pawns Like Us, Joe Rogan, AI, Anonymous Official, Scary Shit!

Updated: Apr 15, 2023


Whew! I need to get off the net for a minute. They say Facebook and TikTok are algorithms, but I can say, without a doubt, the entire internet, our consumerism, our whole lives are an algorithm. And unfortunately for me, or maybe luckily, my algorithm this past month, has been set to the JRE, YouTube, UFO’s, crypto and the like. I will say that I came upon this path honestly, as I’ve been researching for my novel, which, by the way, may have a new title by my next blog post.

Hey, this is my second post in three days!

Back to my current algo, the things I’ve heard and watched lately, really scare the shit out of me. For instance- We’ve all heard the sentiment regarding fake news. I understood fake news to be misinformation given directly and publicly to us without consequence for blatantly lying. Or, maybe they are pawns like us, and are just a conduit to our lazy brains.

So, if my understanding of fake news is correct, which could be way off- naivety is one of my weaknesses, where does this bullshit come from? This morning I’m watching a piece from Anonymous Official on YouTube about AI. Apparently there’s a couple new apps that are really cool, and at the same time, very dangerous. One app lets you select photos of yourself and then AI creates an avatar, or hundreds of avatars in digital art form.

And we thought identity theft was a problem now? Another AI program can actually write a report or a book, and communicate via text pretending to be your mother. Scary shit!

Back on point- this AI technology could, and I know because I’ve seen them on TikTok and Anonymous Official, broadcast an entire newscast without a human present. We always hear, one day the machines will take over our jobs, or, you are in the Matrix, and I usually blow it off, thinking, not in my lifetime. Another example, again, naïve here so it could already be in place, but they say one day you’ll be able to go to the store, fill up the cart, and walk out. I guess I could have just said, our bank account is embedded in our body.

Anyhoo, I just think things would have to happen VERY quickly for this stuff to happen in my lifetime. Ok, but I don’t care about me, well I do, but not as much as my children, and their children… which, by the way, hey guys, uh dad here, am I ever going to get to hold a grandbaby? Just sayin. My biological grandpa clock is ticking! Ha ha!

Which brings up some other scary news- this assumption, or prediction, or whatever the hell it is, that the Y chromosome is going extinct? Ok, Kaleb, Collin, Carter, Kamden, you boys need to get to the urologist ASAP and get some of them lil’ guys froze!

My sons are 21-28 and, at last check a month ago, all four of them are far from having children. In the state of our world today, that’s probably pretty smart, and that sucks because every one of them would/will be amazing dads! Thank God they broke the generational curse, because they are way better men than I’ll ever be!

I don’t know, and then anything on Joe Rogan‘s show, don’t get me wrong Joe, you are the POTUS in 2025 in my book, but the topics and the words coming out of his guest’s mouths- whew, I’m worried. Granted, I’m a Virgo, over analyzer extraordinaire, but I take everything with a grain of open-mindedness and I have a keen intuition, discerning of spirits, and something ain’t right. All we can do is pray, I guess.

These are the topics that are prompting me to start a forum or podcast, but right now, I need to focus on getting a job. I just hope I’ll, actually- we’ll, have time to discuss this mess we’re in. I have admittedly, in the past, laughed at these doomsday preppers, and now, I would be right there in line with them at Sam’s, if I could afford it! If I could just get paid to do the podcast, I’d be in heaven! Hey Rogan, hook a brother up!

You’re thoughts, please? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Rogan? Anyone? -Jkurtzwriter

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