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Updated: Apr 15


I am new to blogging and not even sure if I should be wasting time writing here when I should be writing my novel. I have had the idea for this story in my head since the first days of the covid lockdowns and finally started to write it a couple weeks ago! I should have at least three or four chapters written by now but only have three pages! This is troubling me because I’ve started a few books in the past and never finished them. I’m worried if I don’t get a big chunk down on paper that history will repeat itself.

My issue today is not that I’ve got writer’s block, but am too busy planning and not writing (though I have written a lot in the planning). This blog for example! I’m hoping that writing here will either generate sentence or scene ideas. Or that I find others in the same boat I’m in.

Also, even though I don’t have a finished product, I’m hoping to create some kind of following, which would further motivate me to finish this one!

#novelwriting #storyplanning #writersblock

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