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My Sincerest Apology for Ghosting This Blog

Updated: Feb 7

Blogger in Slump Due to Increased Workload

Mack, CO, USA– 23 July 2023 —Jason Kurtz, the blogger previously known as Jkurtzwriter and the creator/writer of the Narrative Niche Blog, is suffering his longest slump since going live, April 18 of this year. His last post, dated June 30, 2023, was twenty-three days ago, and to be honest, was Kurtz's worst output since the early Jkurtzwriter days. Kurtz's fans are worried that the blogger may have had a nervous breakdown, died, or worse—quit writing altogether.

Kurtz addressed his readers yesterday with the following statement: "Sorry for ghosting the faithful readers of the Narrative Niche Blog these past few weeks. I've been exhaustedly enduring a lifestyle change due to my new job, which has to be priority numero uno, or there wouldn't be a Narrative Niche Blog. Ha, ha!"

A man walking with grocery carts in a parking lot
My New Home Away From Home- Courtesy of J. Kurtz and Leonardo ai

Kurtz went on to say that he is happy to be working again and hopes to lose some of the weight he gained, sitting on his ass in front of a computer for six straight months. The now part-time, blogger said he is adjusting to the new schedule, though it is difficult to incorporate a solid writing routine with his inconsistent work schedule. Though he hasn't posted on his blog in 23 days, Kurtz has been writing, focusing on editing his novel Mysterious Ways, and says he is roughly halfway through the second draft. The unpublished author hopes to start blogging consistently again and will resume Grammar Gadgets, a series dedicated to helping writers understand and properly use literary devices.

The grim reaper reading a book in a cemetery
Ghost Reader- Courtesy of J. Kurtz and Leonardo ai

Jason Kurtz is still planning to have some sort of final edition, whether published or not, ready for readers by the first of the year. That is a daunting task, considering that Mysterious Ways has yet to be edited by a person other than the author. Kurtz also said, "I am actively seeking editors to proofread my manuscript and give advice on flow and structure. Ghost readers—please apply by subscribing to the Narrative Niche Blog!"

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