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Hi there, I'm Jason

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

My About Page

Hey, I posted my Vision page, so I might as well post my About page too.

two men at an Avalanche game
My oldest son Kaleb (left), me (the other guy)

First, thank you for visiting my website Narrative Niche. As you probably noticed, I am a writer and I do love to write. In my 49 years here on God's great green Earth, I've come to realize that I express myself best in writing, so, like everyone else, I started a blog. When I started this blog I looked over dozens of blogs similar to mine, and let me tell you, I think anyone that knows how to write has got one these days. It's ridiculous! So why in the hell would I want to compete with all of them? Glutton for punishment? Loves to fail?

Actually, it is just the opposite for me, and I embrace the challenge! As a writer, an artist, and a creator, I believe that I have something unique to offer the world, and whatever that is—only I can give it! It is something that the other million writing bloggers don't have a clue about. Like Tolkien's ring, mine will be the keyword above all others! I will be the Sergeant of SEO! The Boss of Backlinks! And the King of Keywords!

Ahem... wishful thinking. But you know what? I'm going to give it my best damn shot and if it kills me in the end, at least my boys are now grown men and I have lived a VERY good life.

Wait, now, hold on. Don't go gettin' your panties in a wad. I'm still right here. And I'll still be right here tomorrow. Simulation, I believe, now we are in. That has got to be the worst Yoda impression ever, but it's a good example of anastrophe! I'll stick to SEO.

The goal of the NarrativeNiche blog is to provide entertaining posts that inspire, inform, and incite other writers, artists, and creators; or anyone reading it for that matter. I provide links to valuable FREE tools I've found online and discuss how I used them. It's a fact, everything costs money these days and as a struggling artist myself, I sure appreciate those fellow writers who share their creations for free. It's nice to see writers helping other writers and I feature some of them on my Blog Friends page.

Please subscribe to my blog today and set up your own profile for FREE!

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