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Updated: Apr 15, 2023


Re: Mysterious Ways

Hey there. So, I just surpassed the 200 page mark of Mysterious Ways! I’m not writing for page count, but it is getting so long, I’m afraid to look back. It takes me forever to read a book normally, and now I’m writing one that will probably need, at least, three drafts. The guideline is not to edit the first draft, but that has been difficult, as I am a perfectrionist. Psych! *perfectionist

I’m starting Chapter 19 (of an outlined 24 chapters) with a word count of 60,600, but I know of two chapters that already need a complete re-write, so…

That said, it’s going to be an exciting, mad rush to the end! No more backstory, no more scene setting, just all the action that I hope to bring to you and finish a story y’all never forget!

Submit your name for the meteor in the comments and you could be in the book!

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