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Sorry For Being a Blog Buster

Updated: Feb 7

Hey there, my loyal reader, thanks for reading this. I do apologize for ghosting you all, but I’ve been busy with life, as I’m sure you have as well. I am happily and thankfully employed by a very reputable corporation that I, let’s just say, I get a positive vibe from. I was unemployed for six months, but God provided for my wife Dawn and I, and our kitty Hope, (aka Hopity Dopity, or Hopity Dopity Doo)

through that slump—is it and I, or and myself? Idk, anyway, I'm now employed, and that has helped us stay afloat through this inflation bs. Also, Dawn is doing the home care thing, which is a miracle at work every day, and helps with the bills. I kinda feel like Dawn’s Prince Charming or whatever, because once we were together, she got her independence. Got her driver’s license, started working and married my sorry ass. I don’t think it’s because of me, but I have seen a great improvement in her “well-being”. I can only hope that some of that was because of me. Rubbing off on her, ya know? Oh wait, wrong blog. This was meant for my other blog, ExoticErotica. LOL! I kid… Or do I? Ha, ha, ha!

So anyway, as I was saying…

More to follow. Just wanted to put out something fresh and mine, instead of… what a long, strange trip it’s been…

Now I got myself thinking, ExoticErotica and NarrativeNiche... Hmm... I'll keep you posted.

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