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A New Hope

Updated: May 4, 2023

a kitten snuggled in some pillows

Hey there blogger, it is a beautiful day and one full of anticipation. We are going to meet a kitten at her foster home, with hopes of bringing her home! Coincidentally, Dawn wants to name her Hope.

In my last blog I said that I would provide updates if my blog got some views. I was excited to see that I had received a few, so I guess the ball’s in my court now. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Mysterious Ways that was inspired by this logo on a hoodie from work.

Scene 7 from Chapter 2– The World On Time

Ethan let himself through the typical gate of the chain-link fence and jogged fifty feet or so to the front door, just like he had done a hundred times before. He knew that this customer owned two adult pit bulls, but they seemed nice and he had even pet them a time or two (in the presence of the owner of course). Not to mention, they were kept inside during the day, so Ethan, though terrified of pit bulls, wasn’t worried. That is, until he remembered, again, that school was out, and that this house also inhabited by a couple of elementary school kids.

As he bent over to drop the package at the front door of the duplex, he heard the thundering footsteps of aforementioned kids storming toward that same door. He also heard the chains of the barking dogs following close behind. The veins in his neck spread out like bat wings as a made a strained expression and jolted straight up to his five foot, nine inch frame. It was a legitimate “Oh shit!” moment.

Now, granted, almost everyone would be excited to receive a package, but these were children, who had just started their summer vacation, and who had not been home for the previous hundred deliveries.

Just as Ethan had popped to his full extension and turned to run for the gate, the front door flew open and released a mass of screaming kids and growling dogs. Even though he assumed the dogs were nice, they were running at him full speed, saliva flying out of their sharp-toothed jowls, and protecting their little humans. Ethan sprinted away, disregarded the three tall steps that led to the ground, and jumped off the porch, landing in a crouched position with his palms on the ground. He realized, half way to the gate, that he should not have run because dogs love to chase things and dogs sense fear. 

His treadless sneakers slid on the lawn as he stopped mid-stride and turned around. He reached in his front shirt pocket and pulled out a couple dog biscuits. The two dogs slid uncontrollably on the grass, same as Ethan had, and bounced off each other as they collided with him. He tossed each of them a treat and got the hell out of there, cussing, under his breath, at the kids who let the dogs out. The situation had gone his way that time, but there had been numerous times that it had not. He’d been bitten a few times, and not always by dogs.

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