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End Those Sleepless Nights

Ways to Quiet the Barking Dog Next Door

We're taking a break from writing today to talk about a very real problem for many of us. I suppose it does relate to writing, at least for me, as it is, or used to be, a constant distraction. I'm talking about that common annoyance—the barking dog next door; and let me tell you, it is enough to drive a person insane! I dream of the day that my wife and I can settle in our castle in the country, where the nearest dog is old Tim Tucker's hound dog three miles down the road. Though, that dream may have come and gone for this starving writer, as I turn 50 this fall. Speaking of starving writers, stay tuned for my next blog "endeavor". I intend to share with my followers, personal entries from my journal entitled, The Ramen Diaries- musings of an unemployed house husband.


But you are reading this to find out how to quiet the barking dog next door. First of all, let me sprinkle a little backstory at you to set the scene. I was a Fed Ex driver for seven years prior to my recent, and still agonizing, setback. As any UPS or Fed Ex driver can attest, barking dogs are just part of the job. The driver doesn't even have to stop, the sound of those trucks is like instant adrenaline shooting straight to a canine's bark box. After years of listening to this it was embedded in my brain. In fact, between the dogs and those loud trucks, I now have something else embedded in my earholes. A constant high-pitched ringing. I don't even notice it anymore; until now.

My Personal Struggle

So, we live in a trailer park in Mack, Colorado, famous for its annual hosting of Country Jam in June. In fact, our humble home is right across the street from the main stage. Anyway, we have lots of dog lovers in our, usually peaceful trailer park. Peaceful, until your neighbor's trailer catches fire and the wind changes direction, causing that fire to jump to your own trailer, and your indoor cat escapes but is never found. Again, stay tuned for The Ramen Diaries to learn more on that true story, as that is when I began my journal.


I'll wrap up this post now, with a free, invaluable tip as a reward for actually reading this far into my jibber-jab. This is something that works for us, but it could just be a coincidence; either way, give it a try.

Our neighbor's dog run is about 12 feet away from us. Our friend, I'll omit names to respect privacy, has a German shepherd with a... well, you know how they sound. I used to throw him treats and he would shut right up. When I was working, I usually had some left over in my pocket. But now, no treats, no dog stop barking.

One day we met the owner, we've lived here just under a year, and found out the dog's name. He apologized for the barking, for which we told him not to worry. But in reality, the dog still barks, and it's still annoying as hell. We like the dog, just not his incessant barking. I started yelling his name with "SHUT UP!" attached to the end, and that seems to work. For now anyways. So my tip to those of you whose eardrums take a pounding like ours: get to know your neighbor and find out their pet’s name. Use it next time you yell “Shut up!” and maybe there can be a peaceful resolution to this common problem.

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