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3-for-1 Free AI Writing Tools To Kick Off New Page On Narrative Niche

Updated: Mar 18

New Page—Tools For Writers (Free Ai Writing Tools)

an open book and fountain pen,a laptop, writing utencils

Just Rebranding Blog Friends Page

This is actually not a new page, but just a change to the "Blog Friends" page. The Blog Friends page is now called "Tools For Writers" or just "Tools" on the Site Menu, and it has a different look. To help get the new page off and running, we're introducing THREE new tools for you to check out. This deal is better than 3-for-1, as it is actually, 3-for-Free! That's Three Free Ai Writing Tools! Two of the tools, Ideogram and Midjourney Reference Guide are tools from the ai art category, and Campfire is a like a writer's organizer. All three of these tools are FREE, or at least have a free plan.

Three Free Tools

Ideogram—Creating Art Has Never Been This Easy! And it's Free!

Ideogram is a new free tool in the text-to-image category, and this one is easier than ever to use. The options and gimmicks on some of the other sites are great, but they usually cost extra and/or take more time to create images. Ideogram does offer some options though, such as image ratio (1:1,16:9, etc.), style, and something they call Magic Prompt. This is the first text-to-image generator I have used that gets actual text right! Sometimes. Ideogram seems to do well converting your actual text, so give it a shot for your book cover or logo.

a logo

Welcome to your new favorite text-to-image generator!

ideogram home screen with ai generated images

Ideogram offers a free subscription that gives you 25 prompts or 100 images per day! That is a lot of images for free, and the images it creates are comparable to Midjourney and Leonardo! Even their paid subscriptions are not priced terribly high and probably well worth the investment for your business or website.

all text

ai generated logos

three book covers with gold nugget and sports car and delivery truck

Midjourney Guide

This Midjourney Reference Guide is basically just a spreadsheet, but it has a wealth of information about art and artists to help you when creating prompts. This guide is not just for Midjourney, as you can add artists and art styles to any prompt on any site.

all text

a gallery of ai images of characters

a gallery of ai images of characters


Campfire is a writing app that is like a story organizer. I haven't used this one very much, since I've been busy creating my own story organizer, but I have looked around the app and there is a TON of stuff you can do on Campfire under the free plan. That's another reason I haven't used it very much—I'm afraid if I start, I'll never stop, and I need to finish my book first. Maybe I'll use Campfire on the sequel!

Campfire app and log-in box

campfire project page

campfire subscriptions

And One More Tool...

Thanks for reading the Narrative Niche Blog. I hope these tools can help you with your writing in some way. If you have any questions on this post, or any of the posts on this site, please reach out to us in the Comments below, or click on About and then Contact in the site menu at the top of the page. If you haven't already, please subscribe! Thanks again!

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