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Happy Memorial Day!!!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Avalanche logo from Colorado Avalanche and Google
Colorado Avalanche

Thank God it’s Friday! Well, my Friday. What a great week though! My folks treated the wife and I to Olive Garden for Dawn’s birthday! Happy 35th babe! (Shhhh….e’s 48). Shhhh. It is always a fun time with the parents! Dawn got embarrassed when the whole place sang Happy Birthday to her. And, just before that, a grandma was screaming for a doctor because her grandbaby was choking! Seriously! All I could think of was the Dumb and Dumber scene at the diner!!! LOL! 

So that was exciting. AND…

Our Colorado Avalanche brought us one step closer to Lord Stanley’s Cup by defeating the St. Louis Blues in 5 games! The Avs swept Nashville in the first round, and then lost their first game of the second round at Ball Arena (home) to the Blues! I started to worry, but my son Collin said not to worry. And he was right, it was only our first loss in this year’s tournament. Then, somehow, the series wound up 3-2 Av’s. St. Louis could only think of that Dumb and Dumber scene- “So you’re telling me there’s a chance?” LOL 

Sorry Lloyd. Sorry Blues. 

Anyway, I had to sling packages today (work). The smell of all those barbecues made me hungry! It was nice to see all the people out putting up little flags on their lawns and seeing all the cars at the cemetery in Fruita. Happy Memorial Day! 

Well, I’m off for two days and hope to get a lot accomplished on my novel and the yard. Damn weeds!


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