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It’s Already June?

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

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I can’t believe it’s already June! Damn.

Well, I’ve still been trying to write every day, in some form or another. I’ve accomplished that, just not writing on the actual manuscript. There’s so many apps for writing these days, it’s ridiculous! Spending a lot of time playing around with those. Only the free ones of course. So, I have been working on the novel, just in the planning.

I’ve changed the title and the name of the town three times (I’m sure there’ll be more). The antagonist (bad guy) is on his 5th name. Not to mention, I’ve rewrote the whole first chapter a few times. Oh well, at least I’m writing, and most of it I will include in the book, just not the first chapter.

And, I can’t blame writer’s block. Oh I’ve had it. Every other day. But when I do, I just start developing characters, or research, or brainstorm. This project is keeping me pretty busy, I’ll say that. Thanks for reading! I’ll try improving this page when I have more time. Or writer’s block. Ha ha!



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