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Jkurtzwriter Gives Blogger the Boot; Signs Deal with Wix

Updated: Apr 15, 2023


Mack, CO 11/27/2022– The blog world is in shock this morning learning that Jason Kurtz, the blogger known as, Jkutzwriter, fired Blogger, Google’s blogging app, and signed with Wix overnight. Jkurtzwriter said there were no hard feelings, and applauded Blogger and Wix for making the transition so fast and seamless.

The move comes as a surprise, as the writing sensation, who rose from obscurity in 2022, hardly even blogs as it is. Jkurtzwriter said in his press release, I didn’t like Blogger’s platform, and I needed to create a website anyways, and Wix seems to be a perfect fit. They even had a template with a blog built-in!

Kurtzwriter also said in the statement that he needed to get busy and finish Mysterious Ways, so that he could afford to pay for Wix’s Premium version. Kurtzwriter said he is accepting donations on his Cash App and he will apply any proceeds toward the purchase of a first edition copy of Mysterious Ways upon publication.

Obviously, the story above is fictitious- all but the last sentence. I’m serious about that! Thank you!

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