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Keep Narrative Niche Alive Another Year—You Can Help!

Updated: Mar 31

Yes You Can Help!

Guess what happens in April? Besides tax day. I'm thinking of something better. Way better. Like a party, 'cause it's s o m e b o d y 's b i r t h d a y! It's hard to believe my baby blog will be turning ONE in April. Wait! If the blog is a baby, then that means I'm, like, its mom, right? In that case, let me rephrase that, my baby blog will be turning twelve months in April. So, how many is that in human years? Like dog years—what's that? Seven?

a baby stroller with a laptop inside

I'm pretty sure the blog to human ratio in "life years" is a lot greater than seven. Shouldn't one human year equal about eighteen blog years? And if that's the case, shouldn't this thing, sorry, shouldn't my baby, be paying for itself by now? I'm being facetious, of course, but it's true, as of right now, the blog has generated a grand total of $0.00. I was kind of doomed from the get-go—I mean, who starts a writing services website the same year that ChatGPT is released to the public? That is okay though, I didn't expect this project to make money, I just started it as a way to write and share my writing and my knowledge of it with other writers. That said, I have no funds set aside to continue running Narrative Niche for another year, at least not through Wix, nor do I have the funds to finance editing and publishing my book. So, in an attempt to maintain the status quo of the Narrative Niche without interruption, and to raise money to help publish my novel, I decided to try Go Fund Me.

Go Fund Me for Narrative Niche and Mysterious Ways

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In Search Of... Volunteer Beta Readers

You don't need to edit my book, though I'd be delighted if you did, just read it and let me know what you think of the story and how easy or difficult it was to read. If you think you might be interested in becoming a beta reader for Mysterious Ways, please click on the link and I'll send you a copy upon completion of the novel. And that's beta (pronounced bait-uh, not bett-uh). No, reading my novel won't make you a better reader. At least I don't think it will...

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