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A Celebration For Mom- Happy Mothers Day!


From Narrative Niche

a mothers day card with the aurora borealis and some flowers

First of all, let me wish my mom and my wife, a very Happy Mothers Day, and a Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms out there! If it wasn't for you, none of us would be here! And we are glad to be here, so thank you Mom!

a lady in a blue dress standing under a wedding arch

Happy Mother's Day to the woman who deserves a trophy, a cape, and a lifetime supply of chocolate... but settles for our love instead!

On this special day, I want to express my deepest gratitude for all the love, wisdom, and patience you've showered upon me. You're like a superhero without the cape (although, let's be real, you'd rock that cape too).

Whether you're saving the day by snatching the scissors out of our hands as we run through the house or rescuing lost socks from the abyss of the laundry basket, your superpowers know no bounds. You've mastered the art of turning chaos into calm, and laundry piles into... well, slightly smaller laundry piles.

 And let's not forget your incredible ability to whip up a meal out of seemingly nothing – you truly have the magic touch!

You've juggled a million tasks with grace, humor, and the occasional glass of wine (because let's face it, wine is just fermented patience). Your strength knows no bounds, and your love is an unbreakable force that binds our family together.

So, here's to you, Mom – the queen of multitasking, the master of unconditional love, and the reigning champ of our hearts. Today, let's celebrate the amazing woman you are, and all the incredible things you do.

Happy Mother's Day! I love you more than words can say (and definitely more than laundry).

a lady in a blue dress and her four grown sons

a lady with glasses smiling with a man smiling with arm around her

And to my dearest wife Dawn Dea Ulibarri-Kurtz, you would rock that cape too, and you were, and still are a wonderful mother to Sean! And I would be remiss if I didn't wish my other mom (Debbie Dixon Norris) a Happy Mothers Day, as well as the mother of my children. So Happy Mothers Day all you moms. Take a load off, kick your feet up, and have a mimosa or your favorite beverage, while we take care of you for once!

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