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A Day to Remember Memorial Day 2023

Celebration of Heros

A poem by J. Kurtz

the american flag

In the land of stars and stripes, we gather here today,

To honor those courageous souls who've gone and paved the way.

On this Memorial Day, we remember, we reflect,

On heroes past and present, their sacrifice to protect.

From fields of green to oceans blue, they heeded freedom's call,

With courage in their hearts, they stood both proud and tall.

Through battles fought and tears endured, they fought for liberty,

Their devotion and their valor make us forever free.

Marine kissing his wife

In distant lands and foreign shores, they stood in uniform,

Defending all we hold so dear, in the face of the raging storm.

With steadfast hearts and noble souls, they faced each daunting task,

Their bravery and selflessness, forever we shall bask.

But let us not forget today, the loved ones we have lost,

Whose spirits guide us from above, no matter what the cost.

Our cherished fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, near and far,

Whose memories bring us solace, like a soothing guiding star.

They may have left this earthly realm, but their presence still remains,

In every cherished memory, their love forever sustains.

Their laughter echoes through the years, their wisdom lingers on,

We hold them close within our hearts, where they forever belong.

So, let us stand united, as we honor and revere,

Those heroes who have served us and loved ones we hold dear.

On this Memorial Day, we solemnly recall,

Their sacrifices unyielding, their spirits never fall.

We bow our heads in gratitude, our hearts forever sing,

For the brave defenders of our land, and the angels on the wing.

May their souls find eternal peace, as their legacy lives on,

In every beat of this great nation, in every dawn's new song.

headstones at a cemetery

So, let us pause and remember, as we gather here today,

The heroes and our loved ones, who've paved the sacred way.

May their sacrifice and bravery forever be our guide,

As we cherish the freedoms won, with gratitude and pride.

God Bless America!

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