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Happy Valentine's Day

a collage of chocolates and colorful hearts

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, Happy Valentine's Day! To you, to my wife, to my mom, to my girlfriend... Just kidding, I don't have a girlfriend. I have a bunch of girlfriends. On Facebook? You know, girls that are friends? Ha, ha!

I can remember saying things like that, trying to be funny, and getting away with it. Yeah, back in 4th or 5th grade. If I tried being funny like that today, it could very well be my last Valentine's Day. And what if you, or me, forget Valentine's Day? Oh...snap! I (we) better not even come home. Especially now that I work at grocery store. I better not miss any holidays. The old "Sorry babe, I forgot" excuse doesn't work when "said holiday" is smacking me in the face every day, all day.

I am willing to bet that Valentine's Day is the most materialistic, commercialized holiday of them all, although, Halloween has given V-Day a run for its money lately. Yes, Christmas and Easter are right up there too, but at least those two holidays actually celebrate Jesus. Well, I'm not going to let commercialism control my life and measure how good I am by how much money I spend on Valentine's Day, so honey, I didn't forget, I'm just not contributing to the $25.8 Billion* that the US will spend on the holiday this year.

Oh darn, I used that excuse last year! Well, shoot, I guess I will buy that card, those flowers, that candy. I will follow that commercial straight into Jared and say, with a stern and confident voice, "Give me the biggest, brightest, sharpest diamond in this place," except I won't say 'place', it will be something much worse. "My wife deserves it," I'd go on to say, and then I'd take off my mask, and put down my gun, and say, "Ha, ha! Got you sucker!"

All joking aside, I don't care if it's commercialized, or not, my Valentine deserves to be spoiled, and if I spoil her with words because I'm poor... It's the thought that counts, is what they say.

a photo of five good-looking men
Carter(L), me, Kamden, Collin, Kaleb(R)

a business card for a collectibles with a basketball

And on another note... okay, Kaleb, I won't drag you into another post, but... well... If you think about Valentine's Day as being Heart Day... Anyways, it was so cool to see you, at work, haggling with customers over $$$ cards! I told you I'd plug your shop, so here you go!

It was special to see all of you boys! Happy Valentine's Day to my sons Kaleb, Collin, Carter, Kamden, and you too, Sean! I'm proud of you all, and you are all, already, better men than me.

Happy Valentine's Day! Yay, that special Day of Love, that day dedicated to your significant other, or that day you set out to find yourself a brand-new lover. Okay, ‘80s music fans, who sings it? Again, literally seconds later (because I forgot)… Thanks YouTube!

a man or woman with frizzy hair and an eye patch

Well, I don’t need to find a brand-new lover because I already have one, and I desire no other. So, please allow me to say, right here for all to see, Dawn Dea Clark-Ulibarri-Kurtz, without you, there would be no me, at least not the happy me, that you make me be, on top of a tree, or out at sea, in the city, or while drinking tea, and now, I’m just being silly. I love you, Babe! Happy Valentine’s Day! And thanks for putting up with me as I write my life away, yet have nothing to show for it. Don't give up on me. It's coming. Some day. Just wait and see! I incorporated some lilies into your Valentine's card this year. Hope you like them—and guess what? You don't even have to water these ones, and they'll live forever! In the Matrix... kidding

digital art of hearts and lilies

Created with

And if I were to dedicate a song to my lover, it would be one of these, not necessarily in this order. I love you Dawn!

a man singing

a man singing

a man wearing a necklace

a man playing guitar

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