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Extra! Extra! Read All About It Here!Narrative Niche Thanksgiving Special

Updated: Feb 7

Narrative Niche Thanksgiving Special

a cartoon turkey

Welcome, welcome, won’t you please sit still and listen to the story I’m about to tale? Get it? Tell, tale? Telltale, that’s a telltale sign that no one is going to read this. I could have said, “Listen to the story I’m about to spill,” and make it a rap—my brother Nathan would appreciate that I guess. And speaking of my brother—Hey Nate, the “fun with words” above is what we’ve been discussing; kinda.

WARNING!This tale I’m about to spill is not for the faint of heart, those with pacemakers, or those experiencing the worst hangover they've ever been through. It is not for humans under the age of 21 and reading or listening to these words may cause irreversible death, or worse: extreme influence from the knowledge ascertained from the words herein, in conjunction with the order in which they are presented, can lead to one or all, and are not limited to: blindness, hearing loss, memory loss… oh sorry, I forgot what I was saying… skin rash, increased appetite, loss of appetite, and too many more to list here. Basically, if a person can make it to the end of this story without being affected by any ill side effects, they will have made it out of the Matrix and a Pot of Gold awaits you! So, are YOU up for the challenge? Morpheus, if you will, please start us off…



Actually, this story is a rather sad one, but I will try to spin something positive out of it if I can. I reached the half-century mark a couple months ago, and for that achievement, my parents rewarded me with a ticket to the Broncos/Vikings game which will be played in Denver tonight at 6:20 pm MST. They even bought a plane ticket for me to fly to Denver so I wouldn’t have to worry about the oh so fun trek through the gorgeous Colorado mountains. This all came about because my two oldest sons, Kaleb and Collin, were talking about going to this game, because the Minnesota Vikings is Kaleb’s team (traitor), and Collin (the smart son), likes the Denver Broncos. They had this game circled on the calendar the day the schedule came out.

a horse logo and a viking logo

Happy Thanksgiving

So, the SNF game was a go! I got the days off from work, Friday through Monday, and the plan was to fly over there Saturday, go to the game Sunday, and then ride back to GJ on Monday with the boys, who were coming here for Thanksgiving anyway. Well, as things often go in this crazy, busy world, things did not go as planned. At no fault of their own, the guys’ annual trip to the Western Slope for Thanksgiving was not in the cards this year. But hey, that’s okay, it probably wasn’t meant to be. Kaleb has already been through a heart transplant this year and I don’t think he would be able to handle the ass-whoopin’ that his dad and brother’s Broncos put on those poor, old purple-people-eaters! Skol! Just kiddin’ Kaleb.

Favorite Uncle

Well, we won’t be at the stadium together, on a cold, mid-November eve, at 5,280 feet in the mountain air, but I’m sure we’ll all be watching, from wherever we are. And, all is not lost, as the flight is transferable, and the boys and I plan to go to a different Broncos or Avs game soon. Also, this game is for you, Uncle Marlin, and we hope the Broncs and Vikes put on a hell of a show for you up in Heaven! You see, Kaleb’s adoration for the Vikings stems from, we assume, his grandpa and his Uncle Marlin’s favorite team—after the Broncos of course, and sadly, Kaleb’s favorite uncle passed away well before his time here on Earth. It seems God needed him elsewhere, which would be no surprise if you knew the happy-go-lucky bull rider and preacher. RIP Uncle Marlin, and Go Broncos!

a cartoon pirate

Pirate Talk

Well, enough of the sadness, let’s turn this ship around, and sail to happier waters! Aye, Cap’n! Aye! Set sails to the Sea of Happiness and Glory! Aye, the Sea of Happiness and Glory be right here on these pages of thee Narrative Niche Blog, you see? Aye, aye see! There she be now! There she be, don’t you see? Aye Cap’n, aye Cap’n aye see, Narrative Niche is where we be!

Well, be we here, or be we there, you’d better wear your underwear when sailing through these pages, because you never know what this grumpy old sailor may say. I’m not the smartest or most PC guy in the world, but my intentions are not to harm anyone. In fact, since this is the Thanksgiving Special, I’m going to write about what I’m thankful for, right now, right here, so keep on reading or I’ll… or I’ll… or I’ll eat your ear!

What Am I Thankful For

This year started off with a BANG in the Thankfulness Department as Kaleb had a successful heart transplant just after his 29th birthday in January. That time, it was meant to be, for my wife Dawn and I to go to Denver and be with Kaleb just prior to, and also after his surgery. Kaleb is doing remarkably well post-transplant, though he told me that there has been some minor rejection and he got Covid again, but he is working his dream job at a sports collectibles store there in Thornton, and says he’s doing well.

Mysterious Ways Update

Also in January, just before all that, I am thankful for finishing the first draft of Mysterious Ways, my sci-fi, pre-apocalyptic, mystery, comedy, romance, thriller novel. I’m having some struggles with the second draft, mainly just actually doing it, but it is a work in progress. I am definitely going to write a follow-up novel, and am in the planning stages already, (another thing keeping me from editing). It is NaNoWriMo month, but I don’t think I’m going to hit the 50,000 word mark this year. But that’s okay, at least I’m still writing.

Then, in June, I finally found a job that met my prerequisites, and have been working full-time at a job that I like and that is close to home. I am thankful for the opportunity to work there and thankful that there is room for me to climb the good ol’ corporate ladder. Sorry Nate, I know you’re against it. I will be too, as soon as my book becomes a best seller!

a picture of a family
Mom, Dad, Nathan, and me

Health Woes

My family on this side of the Continental Divide have gone through somewhat of a rough patch this year, or as we call it, growing old pains, in the Health Department. Both Mom and Dad, and myself once, now that I think about it, have paid visits to the emergency room; enough visits to receive the extended-stay rates for poor Mom, who had a heart attack this past spring, and more follow-up visits to the ER than she would care to recall, I’m sure. Both parents are doing well today, and for that I am very thankful! Also, they helped us out with a new car this summer, something Dawn and I needed desperately. Words cannot begin to describe how grateful we are for our newest member of the family!

a silver SUV
Our new baby

Thank You For Your Service

US military branch logos

I am also very thankful for our son overseas doing a mighty fine job ensuring that you and I have free air to breathe. Sean has worked his way up through the ranks and is the poster child for the way a respectable man should be. I am thankful for his and all of our military’s service, in assuring that this great country remains great, which brings me to another thing I’m thankful for—that the days are dwindling for that old ass in the Black House!

And with that, I wrap up the Thanksgiving Special Edition of Jason Kurtz’s Narrative Niche Blog. I’ve got to edit this post, add some pics, do the SEO, post it on social, and get to the Broncos tailgate party in my living room! Peace, and THANK YOU for reading!

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